Sandakan Remembrance Day, Turkish attack on Quinn’s Post, and Boer War Cessation

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Take a look back in history this week:

29 May 1915: Turkish attack on Quinn’s Post, Gallipoli 

At 3.30 am on 29 May 1915 an enemy mine exploded under a section of Quinn’s and the Turks rushed into the post. Desperate fighting took place in the dark trenches but a determined Australian assault broke through and captured 17 prisoners. Among the 33 Australians who died that morning were 11 men of the 13th Battalion who were smothered in the initial Turkish explosion.


29 May 1945: Sandakan Remembrance Day, Borneo

A number of memorials have been erected around Australia and in Malaysia to remember and commemorate the victims of the Sandakan atrocity.


31 May 1902: Boer War Cessation, South Africa 

It is generally thought that about 16,000 Australians fought in the Boer War.

This figure includes those who enlisted in an Australian unit, as well as the many raised locally, but it does not allow for double-counting of those who served in two contingents.

A small number of Australians are known to have fought on the Boer side.

The nature of the conditions under which the war was fought can be deduced from the fact that in the Australian contingents, 282 died in action or from wounds sustained in battle, while 286 died from disease and another 38 died of accident or other unknown causes.

Six Australians received the Victoria Cross in South Africa, and many others received other decorations.



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