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Late last year Josh Sprague, founder of Orange Mud reached out to me for a chat.

Josh had heard about the Run For Resilience and wanted to know more about it.

I was invited to be interviewed on the Orange Mud Adventure Channel Podcast and of course, I said yes!

Josh and the Orange Mud endurance crew are on a quest to learn as much as possible about the people in front of, and behind the scenes of today’s endurance sports.

The Orange Mud Adventure Channel highlights the most amazing race directors, athletes, and influencers in the trail and ultra running, mountain biking, and endurance sports community.

The Company’s philosophy is to build very simple, make the most efficient, well-crafted gear;

And I have to agree!

During the Run for Resilience, I wore the Phone. Flask. Vest (PFV) for the entire 1500km and loved it!

So here it is 👇👇👇

Episode 53: Wayne McMurtrie, running big distances and working through PTSD

Today’s call is with Wayne McMurtrie. This dude is a friggin beast! A lot of us want to run a marathon, a 5k, 100 miler, or whatever, teeny distance that may be….at least compared to him.

Wayne, however, has run some epic distances as a mechanism of coping with PTSD and inspiring others to find their own outlet.

Check it out here or click the picture below to watch the video 👇👇








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