I’m Wayne, and I’m The-Rogue-Adventurer.

My mission is simple, it is the empowerment of others.

My motto, “Going Places, Running Races”, describes a journey of discovery. Of finding the path to freedom, to go places of our own choosing, to run our own races and not someone else’s.

In 2015 I moved to Bali pursuing my love of running and adventure, escaping the restraints, stress, hassle and limitations of life in Australia. I was working an unsociable roster for people who didn’t care about me, I was just a number.

It was while in Bali that I met the Unstoppable Surfer and he introduced me to the New Digital Economy, showing me how to achieve my health, wellness and financial goals by leveraging the internet.

Working together with a group of likeminded Entrepreneurs, we created a program called the Freedom-Preneur Academy, a place where Freedom-Preneur’s come to learn and grow.

A place where you can learn to tap into your potential, to realise your passions and to throw off the restraints and limitations of the traditional ways of doing business.

This is the empowerment for you to begin your journey towards becoming a Freedom-Preneur.

For me being a Freedom-Preneur means having choice to make decisions.

It means having the freedom to choose the places I go and to run races that I want without being restricted by location, time or someone else’s timetable.

If you have a passion to go places and to run your own races then send me a message and lets connect!



“Going Places, Running Races”

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