Run For Resilience

“Passion, Purpose, Process”


The Run for Resilience uses endurance-running to tell the story of current generation Young Veterans as they struggle to re-define their sense of self-worth and identity, while re-discovering their passion and purpose as they make their way back home in today’s modern society.


Highlighting the isolation that many Young Veterans experience when their time in uniform ends, the tyranny of distance associated with living in Regional Australia and the challenges faced when accessing services, support, employment and the difficulties experienced in maintaining connection with their military peers.


Supporting our chosen Charity PTSD Resurrected, who work with Young Veterans to recover from the traumas experienced during their service and to re-integrate into life at home, with their families and to become functional, respected and valued members of Society as they transition back into the workforce.

Physical Health
Physical Health

Everybody deserves to have a Transformation – The kind where you achieve the physical body that allows you to pursue your ideal lifestyle. Here, you can find the tools to help you achieve your Physical Health and Wellness Goals.

Mental Fitness
Mental Fitness

In today’s high pressure world we find it a challenge at times to maintain optimum mental fitness. Here is where I share my journey, where you’ll find helpful information, tips and tool and where you can access a community of like minded people.


Whether it’s building a business from scratch, leveraging the internet to promote your current business or pursuing your passion, with the right tools – success IS within reach. Here you can access the information to help you achieve your Freedom Goals.


If you are looking for a place where you can learn to tap into your potential.

A place to realise your passions and to throw off the restraints and limitations of the traditional ways of living life and of doing business.

Then this is where you can find become empowered to begin your journey towards becoming a Freedom-Preneur.

Empowerment Through Running Ultras – Going Places And Running Races In The New Digital Economy.

About Us

Using endurance running to tell the story of Contemporary Veterans struggle to redefine purpose, self-worth and identity in today’s modern society.

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